Writter’s name-Ms Suryasri Saha.

Technology.What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear it?For me it is like magic,it not only makes our work easier,but brings us into a whole new experience.Technology has  advanced so much,that we cannot believe,its all invented and discovered by humans themselves,it feels some magical powers does all these unbelievable creations which technology has to offer us.

Today in this blog I am going to tell about some of the latest technological developments that are bound to blow your mind,just the way it did blew my mind away,and you would be left with one feeling..i.e. “I want to have it all”.


Gecko switch.

This one is a Gecko switch,a switch which you can fit anywhere.Yes exctly you can just pull  off the switch and place it anywhere,and it still works.We just need to have one main switch connected,than we can pull off this gecko switch and keep on changing its position,amazing!!! isnt it??


eva showers
Eva showers

This one is a shower which saves water.Yup!!!guessing how can a shower save water on its own??The rate of flow of water is maximum when we are shampooing,and minimum when we are farthest away from the shower,cool na??a shower which knows your distance from it and accordingly regulates the water flow.This is one very efficient way of saving water,as we know a lot of water is wasted when we use showers.


shift wear

Imagine a pair of shoes which you can design according to your clothes.Now we can do it with the help of shiftwear.As they say it in the add “Shift from the ordinary into something extraordinary,the future of footwear-Shiftwear.”We need to choose our favorite design in our smartphone and that design will appear on these pairs of shiftwear.Unbelievable right??We can choose any design,and just select it,and that design will be there in shiftwear.So from next time we do not need to buy too many shoes,but just one shoe and keep on changing its design according to our clothes.


holo lens
Holo lens

Ever imagined how it would be like if you would not have to play your favorite video game  on your laptop,mobile or computer,but actually be in place of the player in that very place.With Holo lens,that is possible.Once wear these lens,we can actually experience 3D vision and feel like we are in the real playground just as shown in the above picture.Now this is definitely something which we all would love to experience.Isnt it??


GoPlug bags

We have to be out of our homes for hours,and we realised we do not have any more charge left in our phone or laptop,and than realised we do not even have charger with us.What do we do when we cannot even have the option to borrow a charger from someone for sometime??Well now we can resort to GoPlug bags,a bag which has a charging plug along with a charger in it???Amazing isnt it??Now we just need to carry our GoPlug bags and go anywhere,and dont need to worry even if our phone or laptop do not have anymore charge remaining.


smart mirror
Smart Mirror

Ever thought of doing all those work on your mirror,which we do in our smartphone screen.That is what a smart mirror is.Do not just see yourself on it,from next time use it to do a lot more using a smart mirror.A mirror which is smart..hehe!!!sounds so cool and interesting.

These were just few of the many many developments which have been coming up in technology,and I am sure after discovering all these one must be wondering we need to try all these,after all,all are awesome.Technology is developing everyday,so why not keep ourselves updated about all the cool and smart stuffs being developed around us.So hope you all liked this,and would soon  find you all again reading my next blog post on this topic.

Happy Reading Techno-Crazians.

Source of all these information-Internet ofourse!!!!hehehe!!!