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Ever wondered what a world it would be like where everything is printed,starting from the big buildings to the tiny objects used inside our rooms for decorating purposes to even some of the food we eat??.Weird!!!!isnt it??You must be thinking that,how can we print it??Isnt printing supposed to be done on paper??

 Well the device below is a 3D printer,with this device we can actually print 3 dimensional solid objects with the help of some digital file.   

3d print1
Fig 1

So it is basically  a device which can print almost anything in reality.In this device,successive layers of a material,say plastic,rubber,glass,concrete  or even metal  as used by some big companies are formed under the control of computer to create the 3D solid object.The digital image of the object which we want to  create needs to be provided to a computer,and this will help the device to print  the 3 dimensional object which we want to create by depositing layers of the given material.Basically,it will turn a model or design of an object provided to the computer into a 3 dimensional solid object.

3d print2
Fig 2

Some of the objects 3D printer has been used to create???Well apart from small objects which we can use as showpieces at our house,people have went beyond.Many doctors across the world have tried to print human organs.Unbelievable!!!isnt it??but it is true,doctors even hope of printing a human heart in the coming years which would actually function like a  real heart does with the help of bio-printers.The bio-printers can create layers of human tissues.

Bio-printers can reduce the risk of organ transplant rejection as the cells are developed from the culture of the patient whose organ has to be transplanted.This can save a lot of lives across the world.They have 3D printed liver,kidney,ears,nose,hands and what not??Doctors in China  have also used 3D printing technology to assist in bone surgery,spinal cord surgery etc.It has also been used in successful kidney transplant.They have even used it to print human skull and have successfully implanted it in a patient.


3d pr
Fig 3


Fig 4


It would have been so good if we would’nt have to wait at all for the delivery of our favorite pizza,but just print it and eat it….right???Now even that is possible with the help of 3D printers.Print pizzas,pancakes,cupcakes,hamburgers and what not??We can print chocolates too!!!Ofcourse if one is printing something like pizzas or burgers,one needs to cook it as well after printing,but with chocolates,we don’t obviously have to do that.Isnt it??In that case,we can just print it and eat it.Awesome right??So all the foodies out there,what are you waiting for???Print your favorite food and enjoy it.

Fig 5
Fig 6
Fig 7

These are just few of the many many things we can make using a 3d printer,be it jewelleries,shoes,toys  or  parts of a machine to name a few.

The field of 3D printing is advancing day by day.And now we have 3d pens as well,yes!!! a pen which can print any 3 dimensional object.3doodler,Polyes q1,Scribbler v2 to name a few of the 3d printing pens.Some of these pens also come with additional feautures,like blue light,UV light,transparent,temparature control feature etc,i.e. the way we want to print our object.

As I have already ,mentioned,the material used for 3d printing may vary,from plastic to rubber to metal and so on.We can have colored objects as already displayed in the images above.Once we have printed an object,it solidifies automatically or we may let it cool for sometime till it solidifies,which takes a very less time.

Fig 8


Fig 9

The two above and the two below images  shows a 3doodler,i.e. a 3D printing pen and the various objects printed by this 3doodler.From next time we would not keep copies with us for school,but just print letters all around in the classroom.Hehe!!!!fun isnt it???

Fig 10
3d prir.jpg
Fig 11

As each and everything has its own pros and cons,so I believe that this device also has its own pros and cons.This device reduces the wastage of materials.If we are unhappy with a certain object created by the 3D printer,the device can be used to make a different object by using the same material that was used to make the previous object.We just have to provide the new design of the object to the computer.

The  device with the help of which doctors are trying to save millions of lives by printing human organs like heart and skull is advancing day by day.It is hoped that in future some bio-printers can print layers of cells in the patient body directly.With the help of keyhole bio-printing,we can  even repair organs inside the patient body during an operation.They also have cosmetic applications,ex-face printers have also been created,but with the same device some people are also creating some harmful objects,like gun or even some more dangerous weapons.So some laws should be included to limit the type of objects that we can make using this device,so that it does not harm mankind,rather it  should better their lives.After all,technology is suppose to make lives easier and smarter,not to make it more difficult.


3d pri
Fig 12


Fig 13

So next time you are lucky enough to own a 3D printer,remember to use it wisely,and create things which would not only make you happy but others around you happy  as well.

As the title of this particular  sub-blog of  ‘Techno-Crazian’ says ‘Print into reality with 3D printing’,we can sure print into reality by creating  any  3 dimensional objects of our choice,let me say not just objects(as I had already mentioned about the food items and its various developments in the field of medicine).There are websites available over the internet where we can design and customize an object of our choice and use their printing services online,the product will than be delivered later on, at our doorsteps.This can be done if we do not have a personal 3D printer at home,and ofcourse we can order the device(3D printer) online itself on certain specific websites.

The possibilities  of the types of  objects that we can make  with a 3D printer is definitely endless,its upto our imagination.So,let your imagination grow and print your favorite objects.Who knows you might end up developing some awesome creations of your own.

Hope this article was interesting and helped you all in updating  yourself  about the 3D printing technology and the vast developments going on in this field.

See you all soon in my next blog…till than….happy reading Techno-Crazians!!!!! 🙂 🙂 …