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Pokemon Go!!!,this  is the most talked about thing  these days.Right??A mobile game that blends the real world with the computer graphics.Everyone is obsessed with this game,and they have all  decided to catch them all as the tagline of the game says. 🙂  With this game trending so much,lets get deeper into the underlying technology used to built this phenomenal game.

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Pokemon Go game was released on 16th july,2016 in the US which is available in android and in ios.The game was released by Nintendo,the same company which released the game Ingress(which also used the technology of AR) in 2012.Right now the game is available only in U.S.,New Zealand and Australia. The other countries would have to wait for some more time,until the ban on this game from their countries gets removed.This is the highest grossing  games of all time.Imagine a game which was released just a few days back and it has already got 21 million players all over U.S. who spends  atleast 33 minutes daily.Unbelievable for a game to become so famous in so less days.As we already know that this game is surely here to stay,want to know the technology behind it??The technology which enables us to feel pokemons all around us as if they existed in the real world is Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality-This is something which is going to change the way we view the world.It is something different from Virtual Reality.In virtual reality,we can feel an artificial environment around us,but in AR,digital information is laid in the already existing environment.Cool!!isnt it??This technology realises  our present situation,i.e. the environment in which we are,and lays digital information on that very environment.This same concept is used in Pokemon Go.It overlays pokemon in the real world.One needs to have a smartphone having a camera(ofcourse all smartphones have a camera),a good internet connection and the underlying software algorithm,GPS  which must be in switched on mode to track  our  location while we are playing the game.So with these things,AR  can locate where we are exactly at a particular point of time and create augmented reality in that very environment.The reason why the type of pokemons we get keeps on changing according to our location,like the water pokemon(ex-Squirtle),electric pokemons(ex-Pikachu),fire pokemons(ex-Charmander),grass pokemons(ex-Seedot),rock pokemons(ex-Golem),dragon pokemons(ex-Garados),fairy pokemons(ex-Spritzee), to name a few among the 18 types of pokemons.

The images below would help to understand the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

poki9              pokidd

An example of AR  is the Microsoft’s  holo lens.Suppose we are playing a video game while wearing those holo lens,we will feel as if we are actually inside the real game,where the digital information would be laid in our existing surroundings  itself.It would not create a completely new surrounding unlike Virtual Reality.

Some of the things which AR will  enable us to do:

Imagine that we are in an area where there are a lot of restaurants,and we are unsure of which restaurant to choose.Well this problem can be solved by Augmented Reality.We just place the back of our phone camera in all of those restaurants(as if we are taking a pic),and all the information about  that particular restaurant will be there in our screen.And than we can choose the best one.Awesome!!!isnt it??? 🙂

Another area where we can use it is in case of furniture shopping.Imagine we have went to purchase a sofa for our house,but we do not know if the sofa would fit at our room or not.Using AR,we can actually find out if the sofa would fit in our house.Than,suppose we want to know about the weather conditions,we just have to take the phone up in the air,with the camera screen facing us,and there in the screen appears all the details about the present weather conditions.And there are so much more that we can do with AR.We can get the required informations about any object just in time  on our mobile screens with the help of AR.For many people Pokemon Go is their first experience of AR,so no doubt this game has helped people to  view the world  in a completely different way. 🙂 🙂

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Augmented Reality is going to change the way  we  perceive things around us.Some of the pros and cons of AR are as follows:

Pros of AR:                                                                                    Cons of AR:

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Everything has its own pros and cons,as we all know,but we always try to concentrate on the brighter side of life while improving on the deficiencies.So scientists are trying to improve this technology,and remove the deficiencies as much as possible.This technology is the ultimate reason behind the huge success of the game – Pokemon Go!!!!

Pokemon as we all know was one of our favorite childhood character,so having the feel of pokemons all around us is surely nostalgic for all those players who never missed a single episode of the show at their young age.Isnt it??As we walk around and visit different places,the types of pokemon changing too gives us a feeling that this world is inhabited by another creature.And this creature is our very own,Pokemons. 🙂 So more and more people are  glued to this game.And it helps us to relive those childhood days once again too.Isnt it so?? 🙂

So this  was just a few information about the technology which Nintendo has used for developing the phenomenal game – Pokemon G0,which  is now the latest trend.

Hope you all like this post  on this  latest revolution-‘Augmented Reality’ and few of  its applications  which would change the way we view the world,making it more interesting and awesome!!!

I would soon come up with my next blog,have a good life and don’t forget to stay happy and updated.  🙂

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