Aquaman’s crystal‘,from the name itself we can get a bit of idea  about  what it is.As the name is Aquaman,so it  is a crystal which would enable us to breathe underwater without those large oxygen tanks.

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Scientists in South Denmark has synthesized this compound which can soon  eliminate the use of large oxygen tanks used by scuba divers.It can store oxygen in a higher concentration than the  oxygen tanks which are quite heavier to carry underwater.A bucketful(around 10 liters) of this compound can suck up all the oxygen from an average-sized room.This material can hold three times as much oxygen,and whenever we need the stored oxygen,we can easily release it by just putting it in a small amount of heat

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The above two images shows how one can swim under water even without the large oxygen tanks,and  instead can just use this crystal in the future.

According to professor Christine McKenzie,at the university of Southern Denmark,this material would be usefull for lung patients as well,who have to carry heavy oxygen tanks along with them.Just a few grains of this material would be able to absorb the oxygen around a diver under water,and the dive molecular and the electronic structure r can just bring few grains of this crystal.He can ditch the oxygen tanks soon,though ditching those oxygen tanks fully would  need some more time but it is not something  impossible.Its name ‘Aquaman’s crystal is named after the DC comic book character Aquaman,who could breathe underwater. 🙂

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The main component of this material is Cobalt,which allows it to absorb the oxygen.According to professor McKenzie,it is cobalt that gives this new material the required molecular and the electronic structure to absorb the oxygen.The material was designed and synthesized at the  university of Southern Denmark.

The best part of this crystal is that it is comparable to an oxygen tank when it would be full with oxygen,but far lighter and smaller,which is an added advantage in case of the ‘Aquaman’s crystal.

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The above pictures give us a little idea about how beautiful  the underwaters are,how great would it be if we could just swim freely and explore all the beautiful and amazing creatures that are there under the deep seas and oceans.Thanks to ‘Aquaman’s crystal’,as this can happen sometimes in future. 🙂

As we know that we already have 21% oxygen in our environment,but sometimes that is not enough,as we may require higher concentrations of  oxygen like in case of the lung patients as I have already ,mentioned,also in cars which run on fuel cells needs a regulated oxygen supply.According to scientists,perhaps one day in the future,even the sunlight-driven reversible fuel cells could be made with the help of this crystal.With these,we have to separate oxygen and hydrogen so that we can recombine them in order to get energy.

These were few informations about this new material named ‘Aquaman’s crystal‘,which is again another  amazing  thing which once in use can be a great  help for scuba divers,ling patients and in so many  other fields.

Hope you all like this short  blog on ‘Aquaman’s crystal’ and do share your thoughts on this blog and also what beautiful creatures would you want to see once you get the chance to go underwaters with only few grains of this crystals. 🙂 🙂

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