images (1)Hello all my readers and followers.I am writing this blog a bit late as compared to my last blog as my exams were going on.Now that they are finally over,I am back  again with another awesome blog about a latest technology that  can become like another family member at home. 🙂 😀 .

Its the ‘Google Home‘ from none other than Google. :).It is something similar to Amazon‘s echo or  ‘Siri’ or ‘Cortana’ that we can use for Android’s.It is a device(WiFi speaker) which we can control with our voice without having to take out our phone.It is like an assistant,which helps us in our day to day work.It is a device(voice-activated speaker) which can behave as a to-do-lists,a music player,give updates about the traffic in a particular route or give the translation of some language or simply what google does,i.e. provide us with information on anything.We can even play the music in any room(ex-we can say it to play music in living room,or dining room etc) we want with the help of the chromecast with which it has to be connected.Basically it can connect a number of music devices together.This is something which  ‘Amazon‘s ‘Echo’ cannot do.It is a device that would stream music directly from the cloud so that we can get a very high quality playback.We can access podcasts too from our favorite music services just by asking this speaker to do so.It can access videos as well,we can watch our favorite videos on our T.V. with the help of this device through chromecast,by just just asking ‘Google Home’ to play that particular video.

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It has a small and compact design,something which would look so good in any room,like a show-piece or something more  classy.:) :)The best part??We can even change the base of this Google Home,which comes in different colors to match with our  room’s  color.It has only one bottom probably at the bottom for connecting to the Wifi,and cool Led lights on top,which makes it look even cooler. 😀 :).The below images gives examples of some of the colors among many which shows how nicely it blends in any room by just using a base of a different color.

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It even has a follow-up procedure.That is suppose we asked a question-“When was Michael Jackson born?”After getting this answer,suppose we also want to know where was he born.We can simply ask-“Where was he born?” instead of asking-“Where was Michael Jackson born?”.Since we had already asked the first question using his name,so this device understands that here ‘he’ means ‘Michael Jackson’.Cool!!! Isnt it?? 🙂 :)This follow-up procedure is not available in ‘Amazon‘s ‘Echo’.

It has very robust Application Interface back-end,which makes it better than Amazon’s Echo in many ways.

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So next time,we want to keep a track of our activities,important dates and events,we can just ask Google Home to remember.Isnt it??.Its would just behave like a planner in that way.There is so much we can do with this as I have already mentioned,so it would be great fun using it.It is expected to come in the markets by the end of this year itself.And this surely is going to make a difference in our daily life.As I had mentioned earlier it would actually be like another family member,or rather I would say a more responsible one,haha!!! 🙂 :; as it reminds us and informs us about so many important things about ourselves and news about the word too. 🙂 😀

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As Google Home already has a lot of features to keep it a bit ahead of Amazon’s Echo as I have mentioned earlier,it would be better if it comes up with some more added features if it does not wants to face competitions from other similar devices which might come up in future with added benefits.So that was all I wanted to share about Google’s latest voice-activated device -the ‘Google Home’.

Hope you all like this blog as much as you  all liked my previous blogs. 🙂 <3.Do share your views on this new technology developed by google and also let me know how many of you would love to buy it.

I would soon come up with my next blog on some other technology that would be as interesting as this one.Till than like I always say before finishing off…..’Stay happy and updated!!!’ 🙂  

Happy reading Techno-Crazians… ❤ 🙂 ❤ ……