Spending tiring hours in washing those stains which never seems to go?Or even if they go,they would leave you favorite clothes all dull because of the tremendous streching,whirling and washing?Well now we finally have a solution.

Dolfi,the next-gen washing device which can wash all our clothes or just any thing else without all the tiring efforts involved like rubbing,stretching or whirling.It is of the size of a smartphone.We just the put the clothes in a small tub or any waterproof sink,add some water to it along with some detergent and than we put Dolfi into the tub and leave it.After sometime,our cloth will be all washed and clean.

dolfi2            dolfi3

Dolfi uses ultrasonic technology for cleaning.It has a transducer inside which creates ultrasonic waves which are actually multimode whitebands  in water.These waves creates high pressure microscopic bubbles.This process is called Cavitation.These bubbles eventually bursts in water creating high pressure streams.Those streams are invisible yet highly powerful to help to remove dirt present in between the fabrics.Cool!!!isnt it??The best part is that this device is portable.So good to have a washing device with us even when we are travelling.It is so compact that we can just fit it in out handbag.It’s size is about 82*64*30 mm and weight is almost 300g/0.66 lb.Since their is no rubbing and stretching or I would say torture involved on our clothes while washing,our clothes would remain just as it was even after several times of washing with this device,we would feel fresh and also free of odours once wore.

123              dolfi10

Dolfi is founded by Lena Solis along with her team of international engineers who performed numerous lab tests before bringing Dolfi to the market.It has been developed as well as tested by the MPI Ultrasonics engineering laboratories,Switzerland.Cleaning with Dolfi would take maximum of 30 to 40 minutes,but the results are highly impressive.Once we are done washing,we would rinse them and hung them for drying and our clothes will get cleaned without any wearing or fading.Awesome!!!Dolfi is good for any type of clothes,say silk,lace or those which we would normally fear to put in a washing machine.It does no harm to our clothes.

dolfi11               dolfi6


This device is another wonderful application of the emerging ultrasonic technology.We already know how much advancements ultrasonic technology has done in various fields be it medicine or engineering or just any other fields.Dolfi uses 80 times less energy as compared to a standard washing machine(as we can see in the image below as well),which means it provides saving on energy as well.A power supply of AC 110/220 V  at 50-60 Hz would be sufficient.So besides saving time,it also saves energy and money.The average laundry volume is 1-2 kg/2.2-4.4 lb.That’s quite a lot of volume I must say.

dolfi9           dolfi7

This device which looks like a soap is a mixture of efficiency and style.The design is very cool and trendy and at the same time it is efficient in its’s work.So next time,don’t consider washing a tiring task but a fun task when you have Dolfi in hand.With such a cool device in hand,washing would be so much fun even on the go…hehe!!!

So share with me what you think about Dolfi,or if you have one already.Hope you all liked this blog post of mine.I would be back soon with another interesting and latest development in technology.

Till than as I always say-‘Stay happy and updated‘ 🙂

Happy reading Techno-Crazians… ❤ 🙂