We all must by now be aware of this term.We wonder what is the huge hype about it.Well,you have come to the right place.In this blog I am going to discuss a bit about this topic which is changing the marketing scenario  in today’s world.Here I go..

Digital Marketing can be defined as marketing or promoting any business by using several electronic devices such as desktops,laptops,mobile phones etc that are connected to the internet.It is much better as compared to the traditional methods in several ways.Firstly it is cheaper and also a faster means of marketing as compared to the older ways.With internet becoming one of the most important parts of life,digital marketing is here to stay and one cannot ignore it if one has to thrive in their business.

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Digital marketing comprises of several aspects.Some of the most important among them are:

1)SEO(Search Engine Optimization)– It can be defined as a process or the several techniques used to make a certain website appear in top most position among organic search results.Now the question arises.What do we mean by organic search results?Well,when we type our requirements in any search engine say Google,Yahoo,or Bing or any other search engines,it analyses several factors such as related keywords,number of back links etc to rank them in the search results pages.Those results are known as organic results.While those websites for which the company pays a certain amount of money to the search engine to make their websites appear highest in search results are called paid searches.Companies bid for the topmost position and whosoever bids the highest gets the top position.

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2)Social Media Marketing– Another trend in marketing.It is the process of marketing through the several social media sites such as Facebook,Linkedin,Instagram,Google+ etc.The companies may place their ads on several social medias as the people nowadays spent a considerable amount of time in social medias.Hence this type of marketing is emerging highly.ex:Facebook is highly used for social media marketing.

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3)Content Marketing– One of the most crucial part of digital marketing is Content marketing.The content of the websites cannot be compromised at any cost.Google would rank websites with poor content down whereas a website with good content may be ranked higher by Google.Good content focuses on quality and not quantity.It has relavant images,videos,podcasts etc.While developing a website,relavant content is very important.Sufficient time should be devoted for developing qualitative content.

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4)Mobile Marketing– Mobile phones remain with us almost 24/7.So,nowadays many companies uses mobile phones as well to provide people insights about their company.While developing websites,we must ensure that those are mobile-optimised else we may lose a considerable amount of leads.Companies which have a mobile-optimised websites can attract more people and can turn them into leads.So what are leads?

Lead refers to any potential customer who has a strong chance to become a customer.Hence companies cannot afford to lose leads.

Often,it happens that we are using our mobile phones and a messege from some company or business organization pops up informing us about some latest products or offers that the company is offering.That is also a form of mobile marketing.

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5)Email Marketing- Another crucial part of digital marketing is email marketing.It is marketing via email.The companies will keep in touch with the customers or subscribers by giving them all the neccessary insights about their products and operations via emails.It helps the customer to stay updated about the work going on within the organisation and maintain the relationship between the customer and the company.ex-Mailchimp can be used for efficient email marketing.

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6)Web Analytics– It refers to the collection,measurement,analysis and reporting of data to understand the behavior of people who visits a particular site.ex:Google Analytics is an important software for analysis.It hows the number of people who comes to our website,their source,the amount of time they spent on each page,their conversion rate and many more such activities.Now the question arises.What is conversion rate?Well,it refers to any action that the people takes after visiting a certain website.Say for ex:A sign-up is a conversion,a Subscription is a conversion.

Web Analytics is a very important part of Digital Marketing and one needs to carefully analyse the behavior of the people who visits their website by using data.This would help them to increase their business.

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7)PPC(Pay Per Click)-  As the name suggests,here the companies pays the search engine per clicks of the people,i.e. the search engines would make their websites higher so that they can get more people to notice it and click.Companies has to pay a certain amount to the search engine per click which is called CPC(Cost Per Click),i.e. the fixed amount the company will pay per click  of the people.CPM(Cost Per Mille),where Mille is a latin word for thousand means the amount of money the company would have to pay per thousand views to the search engine.

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8)Growth Marketing– It refers to the type of marketing in which the entire focus is on the growth of the organisation.The maximum effort is given on the growth of the company as a whole.

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9)A/B Testing– It the just a process of testing between two elements.The better element is accepted whereas the poorer element is rejected.ex:testing the start button option design in a website.Suppose we find out that having a green colored start button is atracting more visitors than the red colored start button.Than we would use the green one.

10)Multivariate Testing-It is the testing of several web elements together and selecting the best among them.ex:testing several design from two different websites.

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10)Re-targeting– Many times you may have visited a website and left it within a few secs,yet the news and ads from those website follows us online.This is called re-targeting.Companies will provide us insights about them even if we have left their websites so as to increase their chances of converting leads into customers.Re-targeting will help companies to attract some part of those customers who left their websites and would probably forget about that.

Companies should focus on increasing their conversion rate and decreasing their bounce rate(the number of people who left their websites).

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These were just the basics of Digital Marketing.The vast world of digital Marketing is highly captivating.The best part?If you are good at digital marketing,you have a lot of career options available as well,some of which includes freelancing,entrepreuner,SEO manager,Content developer,or just managing the digital marketing part of some big company.Even the big companies spends huge amount of money on digital marketing.Small companies or start-ups are also concentrating greatly on digital marketing.After all,in the midst of such huge competition,the only way to survive is by marketing effectively and what better way than digital marketing?In an era where technology is in the hands of so many people.People live by technology nowadays so why not make use of it in the most efficient and productive way?

Hope this information disclosed some parts of digital marketing and why it is changing the marketing scenarios today.Digital Marketing is the latest trend now,so are you trending in this?

Do share your views and also queries regarding this topic.I would try my best to answer all your questions.

Till than,as I always say before going- ‘Stay happy and updated’ 🙂

Goodbye ‘Techno-Crazians’ till I come up with aother intersting blog. 🙂 ❤