Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines as able as the humans.In other words we can say making machines capable of acquiring the human senses such as see,hear,feel,ability to think etc.For ex-let us suppose we have walked into our room,our room would sense us and automatically turns the fan on.The music system would automatically tune into to our favorite song depending upon our mood.Now if we are about to sleep,our bed becomes warmer on its own helping us to sleep faster and better.


This entire scenario is an example of  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.This shows how machines can think and sense like humans does thus making lives easier for us.In today’s world Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked about topics and the advancements in this field is huge too.Companies are investing huge amounts of money on Artificial Intelligence.One such example is Google Deep Mind company which developed Artificially Intelligent machine AlphaGo which created a world record by defeating the world’s number one champion ‘Lee Sedol’ of the tough game GO.   AI4

The score details between Le Sedol and AlphaGo



Another such example is IBM’s WATSON,about which we you all must have heard by now.Watson defeated two players in a mind game competition.All these examples shows how far the advancements have taken place in the field of Artificially Intelligence.Let me take you through another interesting example of the use of Artificial Intelligence in daily life.You have gone off to sleep at night.You have had a good sleep and now you are about to wake up.You wake up and check your fitbit which shows all the sleeping details such as the no. of hours you have slept,your heart rate during the sleep,whether you had a sound sleep or not etc.Now your bed knows that you are about to wake up,it can reduce the comfort so that you may leave the bed early.The door of your washroom may itself open up as it senses that you would be using the washroom now.You take a bath in hot water every morning,so your heater would automatically warm the water in bucket thereby helping you to take your regular bath without you having to wait for your heater.

Scores of Watson and the two players in the game ‘Jeopardy’

All these are possible with Artificial Intelligence.All these things seems quite interesting right?but think of a world where machines takes precedence over humans?Like we see in certain sci-fi movies where the robots become so powerful that they even under unfavorable circumstances goes on to kill its creator itself.Scary right?Well no doubt that there are varied predictions regarding Artificial Intelligence.Some says it is one of the most revolutionary things to happen to technology.It would make our lives easier beyond limits.It would create a world where humans and machines would interact with each other,understanding each other and catering to each other’s needs.Whereas the second set of people are of the opinion that Artificial Intelligence can be harmful,it can result in the destruction of humans.They fear the rapid advancements in this field thinking it might make the machines so powerful that they may overtake humans and thus overpower the world.So the opinion regarding Artificial Intelligence is varied.


In a random TedTalks on Artificial Intelligence,I came across a great speech where the person told something very interesting.He said that Artificial Intelligence is a technology which would make all other technologies disappear.At first I was a bit confused but later on when I paid attention tot he explanation of this statement,I was completely awed by it.He explained that machines would become so able that we wont be needing machines anymore.In short,technology itself would understand when we need it and function  accordingly without we having to control it.In that way we would spend less time with technology and more time enjoying life with our dear ones.



We know how badly some of us are addicted to technology.We have forgotten the outside world,the beautiful nature.We remain engrossed in the world of technology.Some of us even get ‘Phantom vibrations’,i.e. a feeling that our phone is vibrating with notifications but there is nothing like that at all.In today’s world it is definitely good to be involved with technology,to be aware of it but that doesn’t mean that we have to remain addicted to it 24/7.We need to see the outer world as well,the beauty nature offers,the happiness in spending time with our loved ones.According to his speech Artificial Intelligence would help do that.This is what he meant by saying that AI would make all other technologies disappear.We wont have to manually handle machines,they would be handling themselves according to us.How great would that be?

A10   AI12

Well keeping aside the various predictions regarding AI,I believe this truly is one of the most innovative revolutions in technology which can create a whole new view of the world.We already do live in a world of AI.The machines of our daily life whether the alarm clock,the fridge ,the A.C. ,the car etc,in a way we can say they senses us.The alarm clock rings at the time you set it to.The fridge keeps items at the temperature to which you it to.Many A.C.s moves their wings to your direction automatically.The car makes sound whenever some one else is trying to unlock it.So in a way we are already living in a world of AI.And that world is great,no doubt.So watch out people,AI is the latest and one of the biggest technologies of today.


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